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DARWINmachine Hammerhead FMR989


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The ultra exclusive Hammerhead FMR989 is functional art at its best. It is the ultimate from DARWINmachine's family of custom, hand built workstation chassis. Minimal and modern, the Hammerhead is engineered for maximum heat dissipation and upgradeability: lock and load hard drives like machine gun magazines, remove the Mil-Spec panel for lightning quick access to the motherboard, and swap out GPUs in seconds. With its unique design and functionality, it is perfect for the power user looking to stand out from the rest.   
The Hammerhead is special. It is born from the very best materials, like hard anodized 6061 aircraft aluminum, stainless steel military grade hardware, and solid aluminum standoffs. Q-carbon Ecoresin panels give it an eye-catching look of translucent carbon fiber. Handsome, rugged, and durable, the Hammerhead is built to last a lifetime, and is truly a work of functioning art that will see through countless upgrade cycles.

Hammerhead FMR989 features:


Each Hammerhead FMR989 chassis is made to order and has a limited run of 15 units. Fabrication will take approximately 4 weeks. Bare chassis starts at $2489. Full builds and custom configurations are available. Please contact Origin[at]DARWINmachine[dot]com to order your custom Hammerhead.



All DARWINmachine works are made from the very best raw materials and hardware. Their handmade nature may sometimes be evident in the form of tooling marks and light scratches. This human touch enhances the authenticity and uniqueness of each product.

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